DeepGlance Explorer Beta Announcement

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We are happy to announce that the public beta release of DeepGlance Explorer is now available.

DeepGlance Explorer allows you to experience the best eye tracking technology first-hand and to discover all the features that you can immediately integrate into your solution.

Current interactions

  • Dwell selection
  • Confirmed selection
  • Drag and drop
  • Scroll
  • Zoom
  • Distraction detection

System requirements

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows 10
Linux (Coming soon)
OSX (Coming soon)
Eye Tracker Device Tobii 4C
EyeTech TM5 Mini (Coming soon)

Getting started

1) Download the DeepGlance Explorer Installer
2) Install it
3) Verify that your eye tracker is connected and calibrated
4) Run DeepGlance Explorer

Auto updates

The application already includes an automatic update system, so new interactions, features and improvements will be added regularly. For this reason, all kinds of feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, enjoy!