Interactive demos to personally try the state of the art of gaze-controlled interfaces.


Tools to integrate eye tracking technology into your product effortlessly and in the most effective way.


Select the best eye tracking device for your product by comparing world-leading solutions.


A team specialized in computer vision and integration of eye tracking solutions into commercial products.

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DeepGlance develops and integrates cutting edge computer vision and machine learning algorithms designed to solve real-world problems in eye tracking, face landmark detection, face recognition, gender and age estimation, and much more.


  • Designed to work in real world environments
  • Realtime performance on embedded systems
  • Effortless integration on third party solutions
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DeepGlance TuneUp

AI-based solution that allows you to run large-scale analysis on people who come into contact with a retail touchpoint. Advanced computer vision algorithms allow you to continuously monitor consumers’ real gaze direction over a wide distance range and measure which products they are interested in, classifying them by gender and age groups.

  • In store eye tracking, on your real customers, GDPR compliant
  • Contactless, no need to wear glasses, face masks supported
  • Completely autimatic system and metrics, wide distance range
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DeepGlance Vedo

DeepGlance Vedo is a smart solution for touchless and natural interaction with digital contents or in-store products. The system automatically understand which area of ​​a display or physical object is observed and allows you to control a digital signage interface, illuminate products or show contextual information..

  • Interact naturally and contactless with digital signage displays
  • Works even through a glass or a shop window
  • Highlight and get in-depth information on in-store products
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DeepGlance Explorer

An innovative tool that allows you to experience the best eye tracking technology first-hand and to discover all the features that you can immediately integrate into your solution.


  • State-of-the-art interactions
  • Feature available with DeepGlance SDK
  • Compatible also with entry-level eye trackers
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DeepGlance Quick

The only QML plugin that allows you to integrate eye tracking technology in an immediate and effortless way in your QT Quick application. Turning a traditional interface into a gaze-controlled interface.


  • Immediate integration in your QML Application
  • High level eye-gestures
  • Compatible with Qt design tools
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Integration Studio

The only suite that allows you to study and optimize gaze-controlled interface interactions to always achieve maximum performance.


  • Remote analysis of the operation of a gaze-controlled interface
  • Classification and advanced management of corner cases
  • Remote variation of operating parameters in real time
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The first SDK that allows you to integrate the most advanced features offered by eye tracking technology into your product effortlessly and on any type of platform.


  • C API, bindings C++ and HTML/JS
  • State of the art algorithms and models spiced with deep learning
  • Device and operating system indipendent
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Specialized Consultancy

We support you in every step of your project in achieving your goals by transferring our expertise and experience in the field.


  • Deep knowledge of the panorama of ET producers
  • Evaluation and validation of your concept for ​​use
  • Computer vision and machine learning based solutions
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Interaction and Experience Design

Collaboration with the Interaction & Experience Design Research Lab of the Politecnico di Milano on designing natural interfaces and valuable experiences focused on the user engagement and involvement.