DeepGlance TuneUp Announcement

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We are happy to announce DeepGlance TuneUp, a modern tool to objectively and quantitatively measure shopper behaviors directly in-store.

Some examples of questions DeepGlance TuneUp can help you answer:

  • Am I able to attract to the shelf the target I want to conquer?
  • How cost-effective is the new fixture?
  • How long are customers looking at a new product during its launch?
  • Is a new layout converting customers?
  • Which products are the least and most engaging to look at?
  • Which signage is working?
  • Is anyone looking at your new expensive digital advert?
  • Which areas of the display are capturing the consumers’ interest the most?

For a better understanding of how consumers experience the world and make decisions, nothing is better than observing them in the real context avoiding any break-in in their natural shopping behaviours.

Powered by real passive and long range remote eye-tracking, once the device is positioned, data is automatically collected and rapidly delivered as actionable insights. 

The collected data do not refer to a sample of shoppers but to a universe, nevertheless the passive measurement allows to get a cost effective solution providing granular and precise analysis.