Last Technology Inspired Innovation Workshop Stories

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The stories and videos of the last Technology Inspired Innovation Workshop organized by DeepGlance in collaboration with the Department of Design of the Politecnico of Milano are now online.

Experiencing blue-sky creativity for technology driven innovation, the students familiarized with a new technology exploring the realm of hands free Human-computer Interaction for public space with a non-private (stores, supermarkets, airport halls, restaurants, shopping malls, train stations, museums, gym club, show cases, shopping windows, …) or private purpose (changing rooms, hotel rooms, public toilets, fitness rooms, …)

The design goal of the course was to develop the concept of an application of eye-tracking technology. Students had to define a solution implying hands free HCI in a specific context and for specific final users with one main purpose, communicating the concept, developing a prototype of the application, and test and evaluate the concept using the prototype as a support.

Students exploited opportunities while considering constraints in applying eye-tracking technology as eye-gaze active control for hands-free interaction with artifacts.

See the workshop stories and videos